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filmscanners: My search for a scanner (was OT: Copyright Registration

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001 RogerMillerPhoto@aol.com wrote:

> To put us back on-topic, what kind of a scanner are you looking for?  

I was initially looking at the Minolta Dimage Dual.  I wanted something
relatively low-priced, and preferred USB to SCSI, and need capability for
35mm only.  I'm a rank amateur photographer, but as a hobby, I've found I
enjoy doing Photoshop touch-ups, and would like to try doing some
composition combining multiple photos, or image enhancements of individual

By "low-priced," I figured around $400.  Part of this is because it was
supposed to be a wedding gift from my wife (although we've been married
four months now, so I've kind of waived any right to a wedding gift, and
now it will be just another "toy purchase") and part because I can't kid
myself that I'm that great of a photographer to justify a more substantial
expense.  The last point is also why I'm only interested in 35mm;I know
enough to know that any limitations in my photography come from the guy
taking the photo, not from the equipment.

My preference for USB was because SCSI chains have driven me crazy in the
past, and I'm about to replace my PC and was not sure whether I'd even put
a SCSI adapter in the new system.  I think I will have one after all,
though, if I can spare the slot; for one thing, this means that I won't
have to replace my zip drive.

I've edged away from the Dual, though; having read some stuff here, I
think I've undervalued the infrared channel.

Thanks for the comments about the Polaroid units.

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