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Re: filmscanners: OT: Copyright Registration

Dear Terry,

As a regular reader and contributor to this list, I wish to thank you
for providing this very useful, helpful, and concisely written

Terry Carroll wrote:

> In the US, as in most countries, you get a copyright in the work as soon
> as you create the work; technically the test is that it has to be "fixed
> in a tangible medium of expression." Exposing the film is probably
> enough, even if it's not yet developed, although I don't know any cases
> on this in the real world, since you can't copy a photo from undeveloped
> film.

I think the point of the undeveloped film being protected under
copyright is so that an unscrupulous lab or film processor might
otherwise attempt to claim copyright on a clients film images, and it
might otherwise be difficult for the photographer to claim ownership of
the latent images if no copyright existed prior to the development of
the images.

As a further twist, I understand Allied Science Fiction has a process
which allows them to scan an image prior to completion of development.



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