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Re: filmscanners: SS4000, Win98 and VCache settings

Changing the VCache settings should not alter the result, only the speed at
which you receive the result :- )Except where you hit the Win9x/ME bug where
you must set a value less than 512MB if you have more physical memory than

As this does not apply to you it suggests you have a problem elsewhere. The
fact that the new Vcache settings leave more physical memory available might
mean you have a physical memory problem in an area of memory not used by the
new setting. It may also be due to a physical memory problem being moved to
a more critical point. eg. dodgy memory used for picture storage may have
almost undetectable effect on an image but would crash most programs if it
was used for program code.

Likely sources are:
1) Polarcolor insight problem (try re-installing - anyone else having
problems - try 5.0)
2) Physical memory problem (try a decent memory tester or different memory
or if you can, remove half at a time) - or try "torture test" in Prime95 (
http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm ) - this thrashes cpu & memory
3) SCSI device or driver problem (try re-installing or removing other
4) BIOS setup issue (careful with this as you can really screw your machine)
5) Problem with a background process (eg.virus program) (remove all
non-essential background processes)
6) Other device or driver problem (disable as many devices as possible -
physical removal is better)
7) Software conflict problem (particularly related to other SCSI devices)
(temporarily remove other devices)

To check properly you will after to find a set of scan settings that will
reboot your machine everytime - preferably immediately after just booting.

Otherwise your current setting for MaxFileCache is a bit low and will
probably slow your machine down. Using a value that is slightly larger than
your typical TIFF file can make open & save work much quicker provided you
don't overly restrict available RAM to the actual programs. This can be seen
most clearly during a save operation. (eg 35mm 4000dpi is about 54MB 8bit
and 108MB 16bit so try around 55000/110000 depending on whether you use a
lot of 16bit files).


----- Original Message -----
From: "Stan Schwartz" <snsok@swbell.net>
To: "Filmscanners (E-mail)" <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2001 10:06 PM
Subject: filmscanners: SS4000, Win98 and VCache settings

> I use an SS4000 on a SCSI connection with a Win98SE 933 PentiumIII and
> RAM.
> I was having some problems with the system doing a reboot in the middle of
> scanning a transparency, usually with Polacolor Insight. I posted that
> a couple of weeks ago and got some suggestions.
> I also use my computer for speech recognition software (not at the same
> time, of course). In the process of tweaking the computer for better
> recognition, I made some changes in the Vcache settings.
> After making those "improvements," I was unable to scan a single slide
> without the system suddenly rebooting. It seems there is a connection
> between these Vcache settings and the problems I have had.
> Does anyone have experience with tweaking the Vcache settings for a SCSI
> slide scanner? I have used a couple of the shareware type programs that
> suggest values for "power users" and "multimedia" and "low memory
> I just changed the settings in system.ini to:
> [vcache]
> MaxFileCache=16384
> MinFileCache=3144
> The settings I had been using were min=0, max=131,000 (that was
> approximate--it was a correct multiple) with chunk size specified as 4096.
> Now I can finish a scan, but I have no clue what the optimum setting
> be, or if it should be specified at all.
> Stan


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