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filmscanners: SS4000, Win98 and VCache settings

I use an SS4000 on a SCSI connection with a Win98SE 933 PentiumIII and 512MB

I was having some problems with the system doing a reboot in the middle of
scanning a transparency, usually with Polacolor Insight. I posted that here
a couple of weeks ago and got some suggestions.

I also use my computer for speech recognition software (not at the same
time, of course). In the process of tweaking the computer for better speech
recognition, I made some changes in the Vcache settings.

After making those "improvements," I was unable to scan a single slide
without the system suddenly rebooting. It seems there is a connection
between these Vcache settings and the problems I have had.

Does anyone have experience with tweaking the Vcache settings for a SCSI
slide scanner? I have used a couple of the shareware type programs that
suggest values for "power users" and "multimedia" and "low memory systems".

I just changed the settings in system.ini to:


The settings I had been using were min=0, max=131,000 (that was
approximate--it was a correct multiple) with chunk size specified as 4096.

Now I can finish a scan, but I have no clue what the optimum setting should
be, or if it should be specified at all.



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