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Re: filmscanners: My replacement 8000 is banding like the first one :-(

Austin Franklin wrote:
> > >
> > > Given: That the stepper mechanism is accurate, and not just a piece of
> > > trash...
> > > Then: It would not matter whether the copy is moved or the
> > scanning head is
> > > moved.
> > >
> >
> >
> > I don't fully agree. One can design a very precise metal screw or other
> > method for moving the CCD head assembly, in an enclosed unit internally
> > which could be kept clean and lubricated.
> >
> > Moving the film via a carrier, which is likely molded plastic, with
> > plastic gearing, and also having it need to "mesh' with the motorized
> > transport, and being that the carrier is prone to dust and dirt
> > attraction and "the elements", makes it much harder to maintain
> > integrity of precision movement.
> Are you a mechanical engineer?  

Many of the true marvels produced by man were made by people considered
uneducated or unskilled in the profession they achieved in. Gaudi had no
formal training in architecture, yet he designed and built some of the
most memorable architecture in Spain.  Some people are just born with a
native understanding that often far exceeds anything education can
provide.  Some "kitchen inventors" have come up with concepts with no
training in the field they excel within. I wouldn't expect you to
understand, however.

My concern in the use of plastic carriers is the interfacing of the
carrier and the stepper motor or other movement method.  Gearing between
plastic and plastic or metal and plastic is likely to produce wear over
time, and result in imprecision.

Regarding the SS4000, although it does not apparently need
multi-scanning, due to the quality of the CCD which limits noise,  I
understand that multi-scanning is not as precise due to some aspect of
the carrier or positioning design. 



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