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filmscanners: Canon FS4000 vs. Nikon LS4000

I've just joined this maillist because I want to go
electronic with my slides and negatives. Currently I'm
trying to decide which scanner to buy. I was ready to
purchase the LS4000 when I stumbled across a review of
the new Canon which on paper seems to have almost the
same specs, but only costs about half the money.

Based on what I've read so far, the main differences
seem to be:

1) LS4000 has better dynamic range and less noise
2) FS4000 has more depth of field, i.e. scans sharp in
the center as well as in the corners
3) FS4000 has slightly better dust removal

Unfortunately I haven't seen any real side-by-side
comparisions yet (The reviews at
www.imaging-resource.com can't really convince me:
they don't seem to be very consistent with their tests
across different scanners and therefore the reviews
are of limited use). Maybe some of you have had the
opportunity to try out both? In addition to the items
above I'm also interested in answers to the following

4) What is more important: item 1) or 2)?
5) Scan times (real values, not marketing hype)
6) Is anybody using a SCSI to FireWire converter (e.g.
the BridgeIt looks quite interesting) with his/her
scanner? I have a G4 and no other SCSI devices, so if
I go with the FS4000 I'd like to go FireWire if
possible since Canon doesn't seem to provide a SCSI

Any information is greatly appreciated.


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