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Re: filmscanners: 1640 SU Re-Install Question


I had the same problem a while back and I believe I deleted the
folder "EPFB5" in the Windows\TWAIN_32 folder but I'm not sure.
About a year ago I had a similar problem with the Epson 1200
scanner and an Epson support tech instructed me to delete an inf
file in the TWAIN_32 folder.  With the 1640 things look a little
different and I think I deleted the EPFB5 folder and reinstalled
the software.  I've got a good memory, just short.  There is also
one file in the TWAIN_32 folder - WIATWAIN.DS - that also may be
Epson related.  The only thing I see that can be uninstalled from
Add/Remove is the Epson Smart Panel and I don't think that will do
it.  I also rebooted with scanner on to install.  I used the
installation CD and then installed the update.  With the 8000
there also I'd think its data would be in a separate folder.

Hope this doesn't steer you wrong,


rafeb wrote:

> I can't for the life of me get my 1640 SU
> TWAIN driver re-installed on my machine
> (Win 98 SE.)  It was happily working a
> while back, but was deinstalled when I
> got the 8000.  I had a need for it this
> evening and tried to reinstall it, with
> no luck.
> Strange thing is, the scanner itself is showing
> up nicely in Device manager, and all seems well
> with it -- no warnings, exclamation marks, or other
> signs of foul play.
> A download of the TWAIN driver from Epson
> (v. 5.00A) yields a self-extracting .EXE
> file.  When exploded, this file yields
> a single .INF file and two .CAB files.  I
> can unzip the .CAB files with WinZip, but
> not sure if I should.
> So now what?
> I tried installing from the scanner's distribution
> CD, and no luck there either.  There's
> a directory on the CD with the same 3 files
> as in the download (a .INF and two .CAB files.)
> Taking the simple "dummy" route gets me no closer.
> It says (alternately)
> "Installing TWAIN driver."
> "Reboot computer."
> or
> "TWAIN Driver deleted."
> "Reboot computer"
> -- but in any case, I can't see the TWAIN driver
> listed in PhotoShop (Select TWAIN source) for the
> life of me.
> Any ideas?  Epson documentation (FAQ on web site)
> suggests that Plug and Play should have a role here,
> but it doesn't seem to.  I've not seen any windows
> "Wizards" kick in to ask for that .INF file.
> rafe b.


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