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filmscanners: 1640 SU Re-Install Question

I can't for the life of me get my 1640 SU 
TWAIN driver re-installed on my machine 
(Win 98 SE.)  It was happily working a 
while back, but was deinstalled when I 
got the 8000.  I had a need for it this 
evening and tried to reinstall it, with 
no luck.

Strange thing is, the scanner itself is showing 
up nicely in Device manager, and all seems well 
with it -- no warnings, exclamation marks, or other 
signs of foul play.

A download of the TWAIN driver from Epson 
(v. 5.00A) yields a self-extracting .EXE
file.  When exploded, this file yields 
a single .INF file and two .CAB files.  I 
can unzip the .CAB files with WinZip, but 
not sure if I should.

So now what?

I tried installing from the scanner's distribution 
CD, and no luck there either.  There's 
a directory on the CD with the same 3 files 
as in the download (a .INF and two .CAB files.)

Taking the simple "dummy" route gets me no closer. 
It says (alternately) 

"Installing TWAIN driver."
"Reboot computer."


"TWAIN Driver deleted."
"Reboot computer" 

-- but in any case, I can't see the TWAIN driver 
listed in PhotoShop (Select TWAIN source) for the 
life of me.

Any ideas?  Epson documentation (FAQ on web site) 
suggests that Plug and Play should have a role here, 
but it doesn't seem to.  I've not seen any windows 
"Wizards" kick in to ask for that .INF file.

rafe b.


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