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Re: filmscanners: Nikon Service

At 09:37 PM 7/17/01 -0700, Art wrote:

>>From my read on this, 

I don't give a rat's ass about your observations 
on this topic, Art.  I can browse the internet as 
well as the next Tom, Dick or Harry, and don't need 
your help to form my opinions on such matters.

Have you owned a Nikon scanner?  Have you ever 
used one?  Have you ever scanned one of your images 
in a Nikon scanner?  Have you personally dealt with 
Nikon technical support in any manner, ever?

>their service is at least equally as bad, while
>costing more, as do their scanners.  Further, they tend to maintain an
>arrogant attitude about consumer complaints when the repairs are not up
>to standard. 

Again: how does Nikon compare to other brands, 
offering similar products, on any of these 
matters?  THAT is the question.  Not Art 
Entlich's unfounded opinions, based on his 
tea-leaf interpretation of internet posts.

>If you think my comment is inaccurate, feel free to spend your time
>proving otherwise, and report back to us.

Bullsh*t, Art.  You made one of your many 
unfounded, accusatory, broad-brush statements 
about Brand X.  It's clear that you haven't 
any facts to back up your accusations, vis-a-vis 
Nikon's record, as compared to any other brand.

It's not my job to refute your unfounded 
statements.  You made the statement; YOU 
provide the facts to back them up.

Can't cite facts?  The give it up.  Find something 
else to talk about.

rafe b.


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