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Re: filmscanners: Nikon Service

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001 08:18:17 -0400  rafeb (rafeb@channel1.com) wrote:

> It's not my job to refute your unfounded 
> statements.  You made the statement; YOU 
> provide the facts to back them up.

Not wishing to pour petrol on troubled waters, but Nikon does have some 
'previous' :-

(i)the unfortunate history of malfunctioning hoppers, originally with the 
LS1000, then again with the LS2000 - the now-defunct Nikontech forum used 
to be filled with complaints, hints about bodges using plastic or card 
shim, and demands that Nikon do something (which they never did). It's only 
fair to say that many people had no problems though.

(ii)broken colour management in Nikonscan (LS2000 generation) which they 
took, what? 2 years to fix?

(iii)the jaggies issue in LS30's, which seemed to be met only with 
corporate denial and repairs which mostly failed to fix anything 
(implausible once Ed Hamrick had fixed it in software :)

(iv)some historical calamity regarding franchised repairs of Nikon cameras, 
at least in some territories. UK owners will remember. Once Nikon took 
repairs back in house, things were much better.

(v)various other design disasters like the MD11 motor drive (jammed often), 
questionable progress with the F3 and F4 which allowed Canon EOS to race 
ahead, and the diversification into 'low end' cameras and lenses which 
diluted the brand values

Whether this concerns anyone is a matter for them, I think. I'm happy for 
factual information, positive or negative, to appear on this list. 
Obviously it will form part of peoples' buying decisions, and has to be 
weighed against Nikon's substantial reputation WRT photo kit, including 

I'm less happy about axe-grinding, though I do understand that when people 
spend substantial amounts of money they feel angry or pleased, depending on 
the outcome. Nevertheless, when it works out that one person is pleased by 
their choice, and another feels aggrieved by theirs, it shouldn't result in 
an argument, surely?  


Tony Sleep
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