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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan too blue

Alan wrote:

>The last few weeks I have been having to adjust my vuescan created images from 
>my Scanwit by >what I think is an extreme amount.  Usually I move red up 7 
>points around 150, blue down >around 20 points.

>This to bring skin tones in line with by the numbers thinking.  Red 20 or so 
>more than green and >green 20 or so more than blue.  This creates a great 
>looking print, but seems like Vuescan is off a >bit.  Ed and I exchanged a 
>couple of emails, but the effect is subtle on some images and dramatic >on 
>others.  Anyone else seeing the need for pretty big moves?

Those amounts you mention would be about the maximum I use on most of my negs, 
except that red usually comes down and blue up (FS2710 scanner)

The amount of correction applied here depends greatly on how well VueScan did 
the colour balance (White Balance selected normally), which boils down to 
whether there was a true white in the picture or not, I suppose. The recent 
Vuescans get the colour very close now though, on my current film, Fuji 
Superia, using the Reala Japan setting. Greens may still need a small hue shift.

Are you coming up with a setting for Superia, Ed?

Colin Maddock


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