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Re: filmscanners: Polaroid 120 carrier doesn't line up

Title: Re: filmscanners: Polaroid 120 carrier  doesn't line up

> There
> probably wasn't one.  When I put a strip of 5 Pentax 645 negatives in the
       > carrier, the only one that can be scanned is the first one.  

As Rafe has indicated I have mentioned this a few times here and directly with various folk at Polaroid.  Given that there is no consistency between frames from Pentax, Mamiya, Bronica, et al all I can do is tell you how I scan the first three and then the last two on a five frame strip.

Set the software for "6x6cm" and NOT 645cm - align the top edge of the "image" from frame 1 with the red number 1 on the carrier. This means top of the first image is EXACTLY in the centre of frame 1 ( two paracetamol and a bottle of whisky to kill the pain). The first 3 frames will scan okay. To get the other two frames simply reverse the film so that the bottom edge of frame 5 is aligned with the red 1. This gets the last three frames of the strip (one you already have).

New carriers won't cure this problem, but a firmware update will fix it real easy. So don't let Polaroid go bust.

Ian Lyons


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