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Re: filmscanners: Polaroid 120 carrier doesn't line up

Jim Sillars wrote:

>When I put a strip of 5 Pentax 645 negatives in the 
>carrier, the only one that can be scanned is the first 
>one.  My spacing between negatives is apparently not 
>what Polaroid decided the spacing should be.  When 
>I specify negative 5 for a preview, I get half of 
>4 and half of five with a lovely big bar in the middle. 

Ian Lyons noted this as a problem with 645 negatives 
on the LS-120.  I can also confirm that it is a problem 
with 645 negatives on the 8000 ED.  There is, however, 
a workaround on the 8000, and no need to cut up the 
strips (but the carriers on the 8000 only hold four 
645 negatives, even on a good day.)

On the 8000, the workaround is 100% effective, though 
a bit time-consuming.  You dial in an "offset" in the 
driver GUI, and re-do either the thumbnail scan and/or 
preview scan until the image is centered.

rafe b.


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