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RE: Unsharp mask was Re: filmscanners: Getting started question

> >>>> He issued a challenge
> >>>> (as he often
> >>>> does) to these consultants to provide details of press shops
> >> who are using
> >>>> color management, AKA profiles, for their press, and no
> consultant (if
> >>>> anyone would know it would be they, as they'd be setting
> them up) could
> >>>> offer any.
> >>>
> >>> And you gave me a hard time about my similar belief/comments on
> >> profiles for
> >>> scanners!
> >>
> >> I don't believe I've ever heard Dan be quite so demonstrative against
> >> anybody *beta-testing* ANYTHING. I don't think I've ever heard
> >> you *asking*
> >> if profiles work for anyone.
> >>
> >> Todd
> >
> > Er, my point in that discussion was that they were not really very
> > useful...and other experienced uses chimed in and agreed.
> >
> And an equal number of experienced users use 'em.

Show me the posts that supports this.  I only remember a few people chiming
in and saying that they may use them as a starting point, or as a newbie,
they may use them, but I do not recall ANY experienced users saying they
used them.

> My point in that conversation was I thought it odd the way you pounced on
> the person who merely asked if anyone on this list was interested in
> beta-testing scanner profiles. It seemed to me you had the notion
> to suggest
> that Polaroid's engineers are either doomed to fail, or that Polaroid's
> marketing department is trying to rip-off an unsuspecting scanner
> community.

I did not "pounce" on anyone for their interest in beta-testing.  What I
said was that I believed they were not very useful, and pointed out that
most other scanner manufacturers do not use them.

> For all I know, in the end you may be right, but I don't see how you can
> fault a company for beta-testing.

But I didn't...  I believe you read something into what I said that I didn't
say, or attribute a motive that wasn't there.  If I remember right, that was
a bad hair week for you ;-)


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