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Re: Unsharp mask was Re: filmscanners: Getting started question

on 7/15/01 10:27 PM, Austin Franklin wrote:

>>>> He issued a challenge
>>>> (as he often
>>>> does) to these consultants to provide details of press shops
>> who are using
>>>> color management, AKA profiles, for their press, and no consultant (if
>>>> anyone would know it would be they, as they'd be setting them up) could
>>>> offer any.
>>> And you gave me a hard time about my similar belief/comments on
>> profiles for
>>> scanners!
>> I don't believe I've ever heard Dan be quite so demonstrative against
>> anybody *beta-testing* ANYTHING. I don't think I've ever heard
>> you *asking*
>> if profiles work for anyone.
>> Todd
> Er, my point in that discussion was that they were not really very
> useful...and other experienced uses chimed in and agreed.

And an equal number of experienced users use 'em.

My point in that conversation was I thought it odd the way you pounced on
the person who merely asked if anyone on this list was interested in
beta-testing scanner profiles. It seemed to me you had the notion to suggest
that Polaroid's engineers are either doomed to fail, or that Polaroid's
marketing department is trying to rip-off an unsuspecting scanner community.

For all I know, in the end you may be right, but I don't see how you can
fault a company for beta-testing. I interpreted the effort as them trying to
determine if they had something useful to the public by running it by the

As it relates to Margulis, even when he has strong convictions he
continually asks for new evidence to the contrary, so that he may test it,
and revise his convictions as necessary.



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