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Re: Unsharp mask was Re: filmscanners: Getting started question

on 7/15/01 9:10 AM, rafeb wrote:

>> But, one thing you should know, his emphasis is on color work destined for
>> press. However, if you are interested in the architecture of Photoshop, in
>> my humble estimation, he's the Dean of the university.
> .. but not necessarily the Color Management Department. <g>
> Funny how geniuses (like Margulis) often have a point
> at which they stop believing.  For Margulis, it's color
> management.  For Einstein, it was quantum mechanics.

Do you inhabit Dan's Color Theory list Rafe? What's interesting is some of
Dan's Pals there are some of the same big wigs who inhabit the Colorsync
list. Dan's focus is the printing press. He issued a challenge (as he often
does) to these consultants to provide details of press shops who are using
color management, AKA profiles, for their press, and no consultant (if
anyone would know it would be they, as they'd be setting them up) could
offer any.

He's not opposed to someone using a tool to come of with paper profiles for
their Epson's, be it for desktop use, or for proofing use. He just doesn't
believe it's lived up to the hype the pundits purported it to be.

Someone you might actually like. ;-) ;-) ;-)



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