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Re: filmscanners: Nikon MF LED light source...

on 7/15/01 11:11 AM, Austin Franklin wrote:

>>>> How fast can it scan a 6x6 B&W?
>>>> On a 700 MHz Athlon PC:
>>>> 2 minutes, 10 seconds with "Super Fine Scan" OFF.
>>>> 5 minutes, 15 seconds with "Super Fine Scan" ON.
>>> FYI, the Leafscan is well under 4 minutes.
>> At 4000 DPI?
>> Todd
> Todd, don't you own a Leafscan?  I do believe you're on the Leafscan emaiil
> list.  I can send you the manual if you like ;-)
> I believe you know (then why ask?) the Leafscan scans 1:1 (6cm wide) at
> 2540PPI, as well as 35mm at 5080PPI and 4x5 at 1200PPI.
> For a 6x6, the Leafscan provides enough resolution to print a 24" by 24"
> image at 240PPI, and a 12" x 12" at 480PPI.  There is a point of diminishing
> returns, at least for Piezography output, where more resolution does not
> give any better output.

Right you are Austin,

I should have added a winkie, or something to imply I was asking
rhetorically, but I thought it worthy to show that it wasn't an apples to
apples comparison. Especially if you add in the warm up time, calibration
time, focus time, prescan time, etc.




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