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Re: Unsharp mask was Re: filmscanners: Getting started question

At 07:44 AM 7/15/01 -0400, Todd wrote:
>You are doing yourself a great injustice to dismiss the work of Margulis
>based upon his style. He is an iconoclast who bases his approach on what
>works in the real world, as opposed to the theoretical, and is hell bent on
>dismantling many of our conventional wisdoms, and the pundits who support
>I think you might actually like him. ;-)

Knowing what I know of Austin, I agree.  I'd 
proudly include Austin among my favorite high-
tech Luddites.  Anyone that swears by and uses 
a ten-year old film scanner is worthy of membership.

>But, one thing you should know, his emphasis is on color work destined for
>press. However, if you are interested in the architecture of Photoshop, in
>my humble estimation, he's the Dean of the university.

.. but not necessarily the Color Management Department. <g>

Funny how geniuses (like Margulis) often have a point 
at which they stop believing.  For Margulis, it's color 
management.  For Einstein, it was quantum mechanics.

rafe b.


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