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filmscanners: Adobe/SilverFast Color Management

I am primary scanning for a print on Epson printer. Would you please check my settings and work flow?
=>>My monitor is "calibrated" through Adobe Color Management Wizard
- Phosphors: Trinitron (I am using older monitor)
- Gamma: 1.8
- Hardware White Point 6500
- Adjusted White Point: Same as Hardware
=>>Photoshop RGB Setup
- BruceRGB (Gamma-2.20, 6500K,...)
- Monitor compensation is turned ON.
- Scan Type: 48 Bit HDR
- Options/General: Color Model -> RGB
- Options/General: Gamma Gradation -> 1.8, "for HDR output" is unchecked
- Options/CMS: Scanner -> Internal: Calibration (the scanner was calibrated with IT8)
- Options/CMS: Internal -> Monitor: Automatic
- Options/CMS: Internal-> Output: RGB
- Options/CMS: Internal: BruceRGB
- Options/CMS: Embed ICC profile is checked.
=> My workflow is simple scanning to HDR format and opening in Photoshop for further processing
1) Should I do processing using SilverFast HDR instead of Photoshop? If yes why?
2) Should I use Wide Gamut RGB working space (16b/channel) instead of BruceRGB, process the image, and put on CDROM?
When Adobe comes up with a better working space this would allow me to go back to my CDROM and convert it to the new color space. Am I right here? Does it make sense to archive in Wide Gamut RGB and 8b/channel?
4) Should I use Wide Gamut RGB working space instead of BruceRGB, process the image, convert it to Bruce RGB for print? Do I need to convert it from 16 to 8 bit/channel mode and when?
5) When opening HDR image with Photoshop, I believe I should not allow Photoshop to do conversion. Am I correct? If correct I do not need to embed ICC profile in SilverFast.
6) If I choose Options/CMS: Scanner -> Internal: ICM, is it going to use data from the calibration process? When do I select it instead of Calibration?
7) I am also not sure about  Options/CMS: Internal -> Monitor: Automatic. When should I use ICM instead of Automatic?
I looked at the documentation but many things are not B&W, many are gray to me so I need your help.


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