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Re: Unsharp mask was Re: filmscanners: Getting started question

At 02:37 AM 7/15/01 -0700, Art wrote:

>Also, you should know that USM usually looks more intense on your screen
>(for images to be printed) than it does during the actual printing
>process, due to the nature of the dithering process. So it can look
>a bit exaggerated on the image on the screen (at 100% view) and still
>look fine on the print.  You'll need to experiment for finding how far
>you can push this.

Margulis begins one of his articles by posing the 
question, "How much USM to use?"  And his answer is -- 
it's like asking for a raise.  IOW: as much as you 
can get away with.

I must admit, some of Margulis' USM techniques go 
way over my head.  In the article I saw, he elaborates 
it into a multi-step process involving several layers, 
color spaces, and layer-merging steps.

When it comes to sharpening, there are many ways 
to skin the cat.  Quite of few of these have been 
discussed on the Leben Epson list as well.

rafe b.


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