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Re: filmscanners: fogged film

> Norman Quinn wrote:

> No just the film. This is the 1st time I have had fogged film too.
> The poor technican at the lab thought his machine had misdeveloped
> them, but strips B4 and after mine were fine.
> It must be X-ray. I had just returned from a trip.
> Norman Quinn

 Older machines in some airports are notoriously bad, but most current 
machines in  North American and European airports are new enough that
they should not create problems, even with multiple exposures.

I just scanned ahead and see you had 8-10 exposures and some were out 
of NA and you were using medium-high speed films.  This probably 
explains it.  I always request hand inspection.  The best way to do 
this is to use clear film canisters like Fuji supplies with the film 
out of box, obviously, and put them flat in a heavy clear zip-lock 
type bag, so they can see right through.  Usually they won't even both 
to open the canisters, although sometimes they will.

Now that the new X-Ray scanner is being used on checked in luggage, you 
have more reason to demand hand inspection, since you are really given 
no choice anymore (they used to tell me to put my film in checked in 



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