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Re: filmscanners: fogged film

I presume you mean security staff at the entrance to airside rather than 
check in staff?

Film must never be left in checked baggage these days, the X-ray machines 
they use for that are guaranteed to fog your film.

harper@wordweb.com (Rob Geraghty) wrote:

> Norman Quinn wrote:
> >No just the film. This is the 1st time I have had fogged film too.
> >The poor technican at the lab thought his machine had misdeveloped
> > them, but strips B4 and after mine were fine.
> >It must be X-ray. I had just returned from a trip.
> Out of interest what speed was the film?  Did you do a lot of flights 
> with
> the film?  In the USA a lot of airlines end up needing several flights 
> to
> get someone to their destination - I *think* they only x-ray film once 
> when
> it is checked in, but they may recheck it.  If you went on a long trip
> involving flights on several different days, the film would be xrayed 
> each
> time, and the effect is cumulative.  In the past I have carried the 
> films in
> a separate bag and asked the checkin staff to manually inspect it.
> Rob


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