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filmscanners: ADMIN: Crap mail services warning

I just think users of certain services should be aware  how unreliable 
they are, because they will never know that mail has gone missing. Whether 
or not any of the affected people ever see this is in the lap of their 
mail providers, of course.

554 5.0.0 ktrout@hotmail.com... Service unavailable
451 4.4.1 iggy400@hotmail.com... reply: read error from 
iggy400@hotmail.com... Deferred: Connection reset by 
jdubikins@hotmail.com... Deferred
mipo_14@hotmail.com... Deferred
rgill45@hotmail.com... Deferred
puccibuy@hotmail.com... Deferred
hell_mouse@hotmail.com... Deferred
harrisdarren@hotmail.com... Deferred
donm4lists@hotmail.com... Deferred
ned_nurk@hotmail.com... Deferred
woestman@hotmail.com... Deferred
cdtogo@hotmail.com... Deferred
tkokta@HOTMAIL.COM... Deferred
taylorcomm@hotmail.com... Deferred
ktskts@hotmail.com... Deferred
keithVee@hotmail.com... Deferred
bbvvrr@hotmail.com... Deferred
shannmyers@hotmail.com... Deferred
risedal@hotmail.com... Deferred
affeleng@hotmail.com... Deferred
nimous@operamail.com... Deferred: Connection timed out with operamail.com.
pjbh1@stir.ac.uk... Deferred: Connection refused by clyde.stir.ac.uk.
... while talking to chroma.med.miami.edu.:
>>> RCPT To:<klevay@chroma.med.miami.edu>
<<< 451 MAIL BLOCKED; See http://www.e-scrub.com/orbs/
klevay@chroma.med.miami.edu... Deferred: 451 MAIL BLOCKED; See 
jv454@msn.com,ilyons@msn.com... Deferred: Connection refused by 

A few things to note:-

Hotmail and MSN periodically bounce mail to *all* users. This time around 
is merely a deferral, so (apart from ktrout, who's been singled out for 
non-existence by Hotmail) nothing will have been lost to those users.

Usually there's total loss due to transient DNS problems - both Hotmail 
and MSN habitually vanish from the internet about once a month. I know 
because I get the 'no such host' bounce mails in batches of several 

bigfoot.com does not appear on this list, because it is now so hopeless 
that I have had to kick virtually all bigfoot addresses off the list. 
Bigfoot now bounces when your POP mailbox contains more than 25 items, 
which is inevitable given the level of traffic here.

Orbs/orbl are supposed to only block only open SMTP relays, but this is 
NOT an open relay - list mail is sent from a bona-fide mailserver at 
punt1.cix.co.uk which does not permit relaying. Orbs is a waste of space, 
and its criteria inappropriate : it cannot tell the difference between a 
proper mail list and spam, and is just barfing over the halftone.co.uk 
'from' address being different from the majordomo address. Duh.

Pathetic mail screening services like Mailmarshall block mails or digests 
based on content. EG inclusion of text such as 'my pictures' or an 
attached JPEG are invariably interpreted as a worm, and the mail rejected. 
This happens rather a lot WRT this list, unsurprisingly, and is just plain 

Each of the above generates the return of the original message to me. With 
up to 50new msgs a day, that can be a lot of bounce traffic (average = 
~200emails/day). I monitor the headers and unsubscribe repeat bouncers. If 
the list stops arriving at your address, this is why.

You get what you pay for on the internet as elsewhere. MOST FREEMAIL IS 
COMPLETE DRECK AND WILL LOSE YOU EMAILS. A lot of people use freemail 
addresses for lists, to avoid spam in the event of their address being 
harvested by spammers. I understand this - the 'who' command at the 
listserver is disabled to prevent easy harvesting - but am likely to block 
freemail providers entirely sometime soon as they are a major PITA.

Please do not discuss here on list. Thankyou for listening :-)


Tony Sleep
http://www.halftone.co.uk - Online portfolio & exhibit; + film scanner 
info & comparisons


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