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RE: filmscanners: Getting started question


> I wish I had the discipline to shoot that much for practice's
> sake. I could
> certainly use it.
> Pat

After one roll of Provia 100F and a earlier suggestion that I can buy it
out-of-date for less than consumer negative film, I think that is the way I
am going to go. I need to find someone locally in Denver that can develop it
for me - the shop I am using sends it out and it takes a week - I hate
waiting! (I wish I could afford real digital!)

As for discipline, not me! In order to pursue this with my wife's blessing I
had to come up with some creative way to practice and spend more time with
her. Since we both enjoy walking in parks/mountains etc. and we live in
Denver, we go to parks (or the mountains - just one hour away) every weekend
and I spend time with her and shoot while she is chasing a duck or
something! A nice feature of Denver is they have literally hundreds of very
well maintained-wooded parks - almost every neighborhood has one. So we are
making a list and have challenged ourselves to shoot every park in Denver!



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