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RE: filmscanners: Scanwit: Seeing through mount?

> IMHO, I think that you are just seeing a shadow effect where the slide
> mount is blocking only some of the light path along the edge.  The Pakon
> mount I am currently looking at has a slightly larger aperture on
> one side
> - if you study the slide closely from both sides I think you will see the
> effect I mean.

Yup, I took a couple and looked at them under a microscope at low power and
what you describe is definitely what is happening - one side has a slightly
smaller aperture. However, this still says the Scanwit is able to "see
though" that one smaller side's edge. And what the result seems to be is
that area has higher contrast with no more noise than the film area next to

I think the bottom line is that my next scanner will definitely have a
manual exposure mode!



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