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Re: filmscanners: Scanwit: Seeing through mount?

Unless your Pakons are a lot more transparent than mine, I doubt it, but I 
would await some more knowledgable responses.

IMHO, I think that you are just seeing a shadow effect where the slide 
mount is blocking only some of the light path along the edge.  The Pakon 
mount I am currently looking at has a slightly larger aperture on one side 
- if you study the slide closely from both sides I think you will see the 
effect I mean.

I have a high (but still humble!) opinion of the Acer's ability to extract 
shadow detail from slides, and have found that fooling the autoexposure 
into higher levels only results in noise, like on your sample - anything it 
doesn't see isn't normally visible when I project the slide anyway..  My 
Acer has more trouble in transparent areas, eg deep shadows in negatives 
are more problematic!

You're right about Provia - now try Reala for your negatives and you might 
want to be a polygamist.. :)


At 04:46 PM 13/07/01 -0600, Frank wrote:
>.. What I found surprised me, it appears the scanner can see though the 
>slide mount!
>.. The film is Fugi Provia 100F and the mounts are a white plastic (Pakon is
>embossed on them). (side note - my wife is in trouble, I have fallen in love
>again, this time with a film the Provia scans are incredible!)
>Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think. It appears to me that it
>might be possible to put a neutral density filter over a slide or negative
>to "fool" the autoexposure system and increase the detail in low levels even
>more... or am I misunderstanding what I am seeing?


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