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Re: filmscanners: Getting started question

At 02:20 PM 13/07/01 -0600, Frank wrote:
>Questions: (from a scanning perspective)
>1. Should I be using cheap film/processing during this learning phase or is
>this a bad thing which will cause me to develop bad habits?

I think your approach is fine.  The only drawback is that if you're like 
me, occasionally you'll encounter a potentially great shot and have to 
capture it on average film..  I've got more than a few shots where I now 
think - if only that was on Reala, or Provia.. :(

And if you are using a pro-ish lab, you will be able to make your own 
judgements about whether they are worth it..  I use cheap processing for 
most of my stuff, and only scream out in dismay occasionally.  I've found 
even the cheaper labs do respond to complaints, at least about things like 
'why are there fingerprints on my neg's????'   They now recognise me - 
'psst here's that fussy guy, get your gloves on..')     :)

I know you said your budget was limited, but why not keep an eye out for a 
secondhand camera body (with the same lens mount), and keep the best camera 
loaded with better film?

>2.Should I be sticking to a single film and learning how to use it and then
>moving on to other etc.?

It usually takes me 2 rolls to discover whether I like a film or not.  Do 
experiment with lots of settings before dumping a film, however.  I *used* 
to hate Agfa HDC, but have now decided it isn't so bad after all for a 
cheap film - the problem was my lack of experience in setting up the scan.

PS - for a newbie, your contributions to the list have been pretty insightful!



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