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Re: filmscanners: Getting started question

>1. Should I be using cheap film/processing during this learning phase or is
>this a bad thing which will cause me to develop bad habits?

Why not use outdated film?  If the film's been stored properly, it's
usually good for several months (and sometimes even several years!) past
its expiration date and the only problem you are likely to encounter is a
slightly skewed color balance, which you can easily correct with PS6 (after
you've gained some experience working with it, that is).

For once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, I always use fresh film but for
screwing around or more casual shooting, I'll use outdated film.  If you
shop around, you should be able to buy it for half price (or less ... over
the past four months, I've successfully purchased 120 rolls of Fuji Provia
120 for a little over $1/roll, delivered.  I bought 48 of those rolls on
eBay so you might check there as well as at your local Pro shops and labs.
Freeze them until the day before you need to shoot them and then transfer
them to a ziplock bag and let them thaw at room temperature ... the ziplock
bag is prevent condensation from forming on the film itself, so be sure to
remove all of the excess air from the bag. 

>2.Should I be sticking to a single film and learning how to use it and then
>moving on to other etc.?

It certainly wouldn't hurt but if you're as new to the hobby as you claim,
how would you know which film to choose?  Until you're a bit further along
the learning curve and start to develop a preference for one flim, I
wouldn't lose any sleep over this...

Jeff Goggin
Scottsdale, AZ


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