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filmscanners: Test Imacon, Nikon.Polaroid

A  small comparison between  Imacon Photo 3200 ppi ,  Polaroid SS120  4000 
ppi,   and Nikon LS4000 at 4000 ppi.

Test slide 24 x 36 by Leitz was used as reference.  ( glass mounted)
Test slide 24 x36 un mounted.
1. Imacon at 3200 ppi  was a lot sharper  and show significant more details 
than the  Nikon and  Polaroid scanner does.
2. Polaroid SS 120 did not wipe the floor with Nikon LS4000.  ( Ian Lyons 
statement) Non of us how made the test could se
any difference between Nikon Ls 4000 and Polaroid SS 120 in sharpness and 
resolution of a 24 x 36 test slide.

3. Test with   un mounted slide strip . This test slide is little bit curved 
as a normal slide film are. Here have Nikon LS 4000 problem
with over all sharpness, excellent in the middle but unsharp out against the 
sides and corner. (manual film holder)
Same manual film holder and a negative  film how are extremely flat  = no 
problem with over all sharpness in the Nikon scanner.

4. Scratches and dust are more visible in scannings by Nikon LS 4000 than 
Polaroid and Imacon.

Discussion: How can we se more dust and scratches from the Nikon  scanner 
but not have more resolution and details  from
the test slide and the Nikon scanner ?? We turned around the slide with 
emulsion side up      ( mounted like in Imacon) and have the same 
Where is the maximum focus in the Nikon scanner?

Conclusion: Imacon best scanner but  slow in final scanning , up to 6 min. 
to scan  a  24 x36 slide at 3200ppi.
SS 120  good scanner at 24 x 36 fast but not better than Nikon LS4000. SS 
120 have less problem with curved film than Nikon LS 4000..
Nikon LS 4000 not sharp at all as the Imacon scanner, have problem  with 
curved film and depth of field , small and fast.

So what can we expect from Nikon LS 8000. Im thrilled to hear from Rafe and 
Lawrence what they have discovered about
sharpness, curved film problem on a 6 x 7 cm slide or negative film.

Mikael Risedal

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