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Re: filmscanners: Test Imacon, Nikon.Polaroid

On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, Mikael Risedal wrote:

> So what can we expect from Nikon LS 8000. Im thrilled to hear from Rafe and 
> Lawrence what they have discovered about
> sharpness, curved film problem on a 6 x 7 cm slide or negative film.

There's no question in my mind that depth of field 
(or is it depth-of-focus) is quite limited on the 
Nikon 8000.  It's a sad fact.  Next to the banding, 
it is the #1 most serious problem on this scanner,

(Banding is mostly "in remission."  Sshhhh.  Let 
sleeping dogs lie.)

"Curvature" is more a characteristic of 35 mm than 
it is 120 film, and probably worst with slides 
(vs. strips of negatives.)  120 film tends to be 
limp but at least it does not offer resistance 
against the film holder.

I've seen no D.O.F. issues at all with 35 mm 
negatives.  Which is lucky, because I shoot 
mostly negative film.

I've seen moderate to severe D.O.F. issues on 
certain slides, and in certain positions within 
the 35 mm slide holder.  Slides are a mystery.
Some are tack-sharp, some are completely mis-
focused.  Needs more investigation, but for me, 
not a critical issue, yet.

I've seen moderate D.O.F. issues with 120 film.
Usually, with some fiddling, I can get the whole 
strip (or most of it) to lay very flat in the 
holder.  Sometimes I give up -- settle for 
one or two negatives "flat" and reposition 
later for the next set of negatives on the same 

It may be that I haven't fully mastered the 120 
film holder, or that I'll need to try the glass 
holders if/when they're available.  Definitely 
room for improvement here.  It's a whole new 
ball game compared to the old SprintScan Plus.

rafe b.


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