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Re: filmscanners: When if Provia 100F a poor film to scan...underwater :-7

Maybe what you are seeing isn't dust?

I don't think ProviaF uses dyes that are IR opaque, no matter how
dense... In fact, try a piece which is totally unexposed (like from the
camera leader) and see if that is at all opaque to IR.  I doubt it.


Rob Geraghty wrote:
> OK, I'm confused.  I have some Provia 100F slide film I shot on a scuba dive
> on the Barrier Reef last week.  I expected it to come out blue, and it has.
> What I *didn't* expect is that Vuescan doesn't seem to be able to remove
> dust from it.  I'm thinking that the blue cast in the slides is acting as an
> IR block.  The strange thing is - if the IR is blocked, shouldn't the IR
> channel be dark or black?  I tried outputting an IR file from one of the
> problem slides, and it looks white - and blank. :-7
> On the one hand I can believe that Provia 100F might be so dense it doesn't
> work well with the IR channel, but I don't understand what I'm seeing in the
> IR channel!  Anyone have any thoughts on this?
> Rob


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