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filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: When is Provia 100F a poor film to scan...underwater :-7

Art wrote:
>Maybe what you are seeing isn't dust?

I can't imagine what else is could be.  They are black spots, and they sure
as heck look like dust.  I can't imagine they could be in the image itself,
because they are in precise focus and nothing in the image is that sharp.
 Normally with the LS30 the only things which are *that* sharp are artifacts
or dust on the surface of the film.  I wondered if it could have been the
result of poor E6 processing, but surely the scanner would see any artifacts
like dust anyway - or like the image?

> I don't think ProviaF uses dyes that are IR opaque, no
> matter how dense... In fact, try a piece which is
> totally unexposed (like from the camera leader) and see
> if that is at all opaque to IR.  I doubt it.

I think the snippet of the leader is black.  Do you mean
scan a black section or a clear one?

If the IR isn't being blocked or misbehaving (the blue filter effect
seemed logical at the time) I am at a loss to explain the behaviour.


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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