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filmscanners: OT Polaroid (was: Nikon 8000ED

Rafe wrote:

>In all fairness, I suspect Polaroid will
>find some way to continue operations.

I would hope so--they're one of the "gutsiest" companies we have left in the 
USA. A long-time favorite.

>Maybe they'll just get bought out and
>assimilated into some new mega upstart.

I don't think Kodak is strong enough (or willing) to do so--this might be a 
test of my prognosticatory powers...if it happens, someone can tell me "I 
told you so." :-)

>Sad to see American manufacturing concerns
>in such a sad state.

Totally agreed, Rafe. Not that they didn't partialy bring it on themselves 
(but I'd select Polaroid as exception to that). IMHO, what the cure would be 
is a world-wide "minimum wage law" that would put everyone on a more-level 
playing field. Something like that might bring all workers up to something 
comparable to EU and Japanese standards--American workers would appreciate 
the raise, probably. And I'm already sorry I brought it up. ;-)

Best regards--LRA
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