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RE: filmscanners: S.S. 120 "on ice"???

Thanks for your interest.
I am pretty sure Vuescan does support the SS120.
Polacolor Insight has a software dust removal feature that is about 80 to 85
percent as effective as the hardware based digital ICE. That being said you
should realize that any dust removal feature has a softening effect on the
image. I have all the Nikon and Polaroid scanners and never use either
software or hardware dust removal. I spend a little time on manually
cleaning my film. When we did surveys of professional photographers for the
SS120 development ICE was never a feature asked for. Imacon has been making
high end scanners for some time and I have asked several of their dealers if
ICE has been on the radar screen of their customers. The answer was no.. I
am well aware the ICE does have a following but I consider it only one of
the factors to consider when making a purchasing decision. Software bundle,
sharpness, ability to get information out of the shadows, scanning speed,
reputation of the manufacturer to respond to the customers and  to
positively address  hardware issues as they arise.
Regardless of which scanner you eventually purchase I hope I have helped you
make a more informed decision.
David Hemingway

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From:   david/lisa soderman [mailto:scapes@wi.net] 
Sent:   Monday, July 09, 2001 8:13 PM
To:     filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Subject:        filmscanners: S.S. 120 "on ice"???


Like so many others, I am torn 'twixt the Nikon 8000ED and the Polaroid
SS120.  My main question concerns the ICE feature.  The 800ED has it.  What
about the SS120?  If I use VueScan to zap the dust, will the scanner
hardware do the job?
For that matter, does VueScan even support the SS120?
Thanks in advance!

Joyfully,  -david- <><


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