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Re: filmscanners: S.S. 120 "on ice"???

"Hemingway, David J" wrote:
>I have all the Nikon and Polaroid scanners and never use either
> software or hardware dust removal.

If you own all these personally, than that explains Polaroid's 
current predicament... you're salary is killing them.  Then again, 
if the company owns them all, well, no wonder they ran out 
of cash ;-) 

I'm sure you have bigger issues on your mind right now than dust
removal, but since you have brought this issue up, I think it encourages
closer investigation.

>From my reading of this list, I would suggest that the dilemma many have
expressed is: do I get the Nikon which has dICE features in spite of
some negative aspects (shallow depth of field, for one), or do I go with
the SS120 or SS4000 and have to deal with a lot of spotting?

I honestly believe if Polaroid had provided a dICE or similar type of IR
dust removal system the scales would have tilted much more favorably in
Polaroid's direction, for a multitude of reasons.

I honestly hope you guys get another kick at the barrel, I've still got
a few ideas up my sleeve you might be interested in, once the dust



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