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RE: filmscanners: Nikon 8000ED

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Lawrence Smith wrote:

> Here's the latest.  My SS120 is on it's way back to the vendor for a refund.
> I am getting another 8000 tomorrow to try.  Hopefully the banding issue will
> be solved with this new one.  It must be said that I REALLY like the SS120.
> I was getting superb scans for the most part.  I did have a slide that gave
> me fits trying to get focused using silverfast and finally had to scan it
> with polacolor to get it sharp.  That was very strange.  As it turns out, I
> was finding that I was spending as much time doing final dust spotting in
> the scans as the Nikon with ICE took to do it's job with essentially no
> spotting required.  That means that I could do other productive work while
> the scanner was doing it's ICE magic.  Kind of like having an assistant to
> help.  If I do not have any banding problem (or other show stoppers) with
> the 8000 then I intend to keep it and get Silverfast when it becomes
> available.  The best of both worlds as far as I can tell.  This latest news
> about Polaroid's financial health was also a factor in my trying another
> 8000.  I have enough problems without my scanner manufacturer going belly
> up....
> Lawrence

In all fairness, I suspect Polaroid will 
find some way to continue operations.  
Maybe they'll just get bought out and 
assimilated into some new mega upstart.

Polaroid's sort of a Boston icon.  They'll 
find a way.

Sad to see American manufacturing concerns 
in such a sad state.

rafe b.


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