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RE: filmscanners: Nikon 8000ED

Here's the latest.  My SS120 is on it's way back to the vendor for a refund.
I am getting another 8000 tomorrow to try.  Hopefully the banding issue will
be solved with this new one.  It must be said that I REALLY like the SS120.
I was getting superb scans for the most part.  I did have a slide that gave
me fits trying to get focused using silverfast and finally had to scan it
with polacolor to get it sharp.  That was very strange.  As it turns out, I
was finding that I was spending as much time doing final dust spotting in
the scans as the Nikon with ICE took to do it's job with essentially no
spotting required.  That means that I could do other productive work while
the scanner was doing it's ICE magic.  Kind of like having an assistant to
help.  If I do not have any banding problem (or other show stoppers) with
the 8000 then I intend to keep it and get Silverfast when it becomes
available.  The best of both worlds as far as I can tell.  This latest news
about Polaroid's financial health was also a factor in my trying another
8000.  I have enough problems without my scanner manufacturer going belly


> Hey, Lawrence, how are you making out with the SS120?  I'm liking mine
> better and better, now that Ian's giving me a few additional
> pointers on the
> SilverFast software.  I am a bit concerned about Polaroid's economic
> problems and support; hopefully they'll sell a bunch of them so
> someone will
> continue supporting the scanners . . .
> > > something soon.


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