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Re: filmscanners: Nikon 8000ED

"Enoch's Vision, Inc. (Cary Enoch R...)" wrote:

> On 10-04-98 I posted the following to this list:
> "Let's not forget the corollary to that expression is "with Nikon you don't
> get what you pay for." By that I mean customer support. I learned that
> unhappy lesson with my first film scanner, a Nikon LS1000 when I
> encountered nothing but arrogance, stalling, and ignorance from Nikon
> "support." It's quite the opposite with Polaroid and probably would be with
> Canon also. Naturally I'll be looking forward to evaluations of the Canon
> unit by Ed and Tony but I'm quite sure that I'd never buy from Nikon again."

Your last sentence sound pretty unequivocal.  I guess my question to you
would be this:

What is it that changed in terms of your perception of Nikon customer
service in the last 3 years that leads you to believe things have
improved with them?  Or have you decided instead to allow the product
niche the LS-4000 offers to outstrip whatever concerns you have about
dealing with Nikon customer service?

It sounds to me that this is a heads up to companies like Polaroid and
others that it might well me worthwhile to consider production of at
least one scanner line with D-ICE or equivalent type products with an
infrared channel.


> Last month, I bought the Nikon LS-4000 for its ICE, GEM and ROC features,
> all of which I needed badly for the restoration work that I do on contract.
> I just can't spend so many hours spotting crappy old neglected film that
> customers expect me to rescue when the Nikon does most of it automatically.
> Those features are fantastic time savers because they work so well.


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