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filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: CD from Scanner

Burt wrote:
> What I was told is that the Adaptec does not do well copying
> from the scanner and that my best procedure with the Adaptec
> software was to copy to the hard drive and then copy to the
> CD.  It was also suggested that I might acquire another CD
> burner software that would do a better job.  

Eek!  I would *never* try scanning directly to a CDR.  That is bound to
result in buffer underruns and coasters.  A CDR is not a hard drive or a
floppy disk.  Packet software makes it *look* like one, but it isn't!

> It seems to me that the whole idea of CD burning is to avoid
> having to fill up the hard drive with images.

Yup, but it's not such a bad idea to check the image first before you burn
it to a write once medium.

Having said that, if you're using a TWAIN interface to scan into Photoshop
or some similar program, you've created a temp file on the hard drive. 
If you then save from Photoshop to the CDR it ought to work.  I don't have
packet writing software, so I can't try this.  On principle I would scan
a set of files until I had enough to put on a CDR (like 650MB) then burn
them all at once.  You won't get 650MB on a packet CDR because the formatting
takes up space.

> I realize that I could erase the image, but the procedure of
> copying to HD then to CD and then erasing the image on the
> HD seems very cumbersome.

Not really, especially if you're using drag and drop to do it.  If you highlight
a number of files, drag and drop them on the burner icon, you can then delete
them using the same selection once they've been written.  Personally I don't
use packet CDs anyway.

> The tech also suggested a ZIP drive.  I thought the purpose
> of the CD was to avoid having to get a ZIP drive.

A ZIP drive won't hold many scans, depending on what resolution
you're using.  The files also won't be readable on someone else's
computer unless they have the same model ZIP drive.  CDR is much
more universal.


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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