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Re: filmscanners: CD from Scanner

I have to agree with the Dell Tech. What I would suggest is to create a folder on the hard drive special for the CD burning process, and dump the scans to it. Then you can do all of them in an uninterrupted sequence, and when it is done, and the CD is checked, you just erase everything ion that folder. Save the empty folder for the next set. I do something of this sort even when I already have the files on my hard drive. You want to isolate what you will be burning from all others.
Incidentally, I always run my scans through Photoshop first, and tweak them before scanning. I like my scans, most of the time, but I would rather save the best I can do.

At 05:32 AM 07/10/2001, you wrote:
I am just starting to get into digital imaging.  Computers to me are not
intuitive (to put it mildly) and I am not being modest.  

I am trying to create CDs from images on my flatbed scanner (Epson 1200U) to
the CD.  I follow the steps but I am unable to read the result.  I have a
Dell computer with Windows Me, 256 mg of RAM, a CD ROM bay and a CD RW bay,  
and an Adaptec CD writer system that came with the computer.

I called Dell and I received that did not seem right to me, so I am hoping I
can get some other thoughts.

What I was told is that the Adaptec does not do well copying from the scanner
 and that my best procedure with the Adaptec software was to copy to the hard
drive and then copy to the CD.  It was also suggested that I might acquire
another CD burner software that would do a better job.  

It seems to me that the whole idea of CD burning is to avoid having to fill
up the hard drive with images.  I realize that I could erase the image, but
the procedure of copying to HD then to CD and then erasing the image on the
HD seems very cumbersome.

The tech also suggested a ZIP drive.  I thought the purpose of the CD was to
avoid having to get a ZIP drive.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject.

Thanks in advance.



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