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Re: filmscanners: Nikon 8000ED

At 02:04 AM 7/9/01 -0700, Art Entlich wrote:

>I'm musing whether Nikon has a factory in the "deep south" of the US. 
>I'm noting a very strong allegiance to the company coming from those

More witty observations from Brother Art, who doesn't 
even live in the USA.

Allegiance based on geography is what Kurt Vonnegut 
calls a "granfalloon."

Art, it might interest you that I live in a suburb of 
Boston, MA, which is where Polaroid's factories are.  

Yes, that same Polaroid which, just a few weeks ago, 
announced layoffs of 25% of their workforce.

Last I checked, it was a long way from here to 
North Carolina.

rafe b.


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