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Re: filmscanners: Nikon 8000ED

At 07:44 PM 7/5/01 +0100, Ian Lyons wrote:

<snip, snip>

>PS:  I think the silence has just been broken, or maybe as a VERY satisfied
>SS120 user I just needed to crow and let you Nikon users know that the grass
>IS greener on the other side of the fence and judging by some of ex Nikon
>8000 users on the list; the ICE has already began to melt <lol>

Ian, I'm not going to respond to your post point-by-point, 
though it's tempting, and could be fun.

Another poster asked, "Why the silence from the 8000 users."

This struck me as odd, given that Lawrence and I have been 
not at all silent, and yet -- in the month or so that I've 
been back on this list -- I hadn't heard a peep from any 
LS-120 users.

Mr. Hemingway mentions that reviews are posted somewhere 
on the web, but that's not the point; I was curious to 
hear a "warts and all" discussion of the LS-120, here on 
this list, from an "ordinary" user such as myself.

Finally -- an objective, professional review would probably 
come off more believable and palatable if one abstained 
from expressions like "this machine wipes the floor with 
Brand X" or, "I'm real sorry for you Brand X users."

rafe b.


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