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RE: filmscanners: Dimage 7 camera

Al, that is pretty much the way I see it, except I can't quite see going back to a rangefinder with fixed lens. I've been an SLR fan since the 1950's. The ability to see exactly what is in the frame, and now being able to zoom a pretty wide range is the creative tool I'm addicted to. All I can do is get the lightest, quality unit I can. Mine is the Pentax ZX-5N/MZ-5N, with a 28-105 lens. When there is a 3MP substitute back for it, I might try to afford it. In the meantime, the film scanner is the best treatment. I AM sold on the digital darkroom.
At 03:28 PM 06/30/2001, you wrote:
Hersch wrote:

> However, there is no way I could use a D-1x, or an F-5 and a
> set of lenses, etc., without pain and suffering.

Rafe wrote:

> I visited Michael Reichmann's web site yesterday (not sure about
> the spelling) wherein he claims that the Canon D30 produces a
> better image, all around, than a Provia slide, shot on an EOS-1V,
> and scanned on an Imacon at 3200 dpi.

I recently decided I needed a smaller "take it with me at all times" camera as I simply
wasn't using my SLR enough and bought an old Minolta CLE rangefinger.  Nice sharp
lens (with the option of using other Leica or new Voigtlander lenses as well), small and
light - and great fun to use.  I'm sure there is already digital kit that can get close to
the quality but not without much more bulk - or without making a bigger dent in the
bank balance (even allowing for the cost of a scanner).

And a lot of classic camera gear holds its value more than consumer grade digicams...

Don't get me wrong, I like new toys as much as anyone else and have been eyeing up
each generation of digicams that come out but nothing yet has the right mix of
compactness, quality and value to mak me bite.

Al Bond


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