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Re: filmscanners: Color Cast removal/and blue blues

I've no experience with underwater images, but you may be interested in
pages 135-138 of Dan Margulis' book "Professional Photoshop 6". He is
essentiallu suggesting blending channels and using lighten blend mode.

Bob Wright
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From: mahimahi <mahimahi@netpci.com>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 2:41 PM
Subject: filmscanners: Color Cast removal/and blue blues

> --Hello
> I am having problems in regard to color cast removal when using the Nikon
> LS1000/silverfast combination. The problem shots are underwater images
> include a deep blue background but end up pea green. Shots that do not
> include a blue background.
> I also use a Acer 2720s which the factory software includes a film type
> selector. This helps a little but when scanning Fuji NPC 160 (which is not
> included in the list of film types) produces similar green output.
> Problem #2. (Positive film On both scanners) When trying to scan images
> a light blue background and a subject (Sperm Whale Infant) which is quite
> different in tone from the background on the original. The resulting
> is all blue (whale and background). Any tweaking of the color in the
> software to bring out the color of the subject results a water background
> that has a reddish purple tint.


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