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Re: filmscanners: Printing: Settings, calibration & whatever

>I've gotten a lot of very helpful information here that has allowed me to
>develop the quality of both my scans (mostly using Vuescan on my Minolta
>Scan Dual II) and the editing / adjusting of those scans in Photoshop 6. The
>biggest problem I have is getting something to come out of my printer that
>even vaguely resembles what I see on screen. I've calibrated my monitor
>using the Adobe utility but get prints that are consistently, sometimes
>significantly flat, especially in the blue range, but generally overall.
>Admittedly, I have an older, 1440 dpi Epson and lust for a new 1270 but I
>know I must be missing something.
>I've been using the Adobe RGB colorspace both from Vuescan and in
>Photoshop - I don't pretend to know what is 'best' here' since I'm perfectly
>satisfied with what I'm producing on screen and for the web. I've printed on
>both Kodak and Epson high gloss, photo quality paper with the  corresponding
>paper / print quality settings in my printer software.
>I'd appreciate any suggestions / recommendations for getting print results
>that more closely resemble what I see on the monitor.
>Norman Unsworth

Norman, you didn't say what model printer but you might find some of the 
articles by Ian Lyons to be of help.  See


Then go to his Photoshop Essays and scroll down through the titles.

Bob Shomler


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