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filmscanners: OT: I'm a bit in a paradox here!!?: was RE: VueScan + flat colors (that disappear with Mika


then its probably only me acting under-age here 
(a sign pointing in this direction is the wise refraining from comments by
Maris and even more so Mikael).

Thank you Art for putting some balance to my comments and double apologies
to Mikael Risedal. 1) I didn't know your 'Puh' and exclamation marks were to
be interpreted differently from the way they sounded to me and the way I
visualized it for myself (it was funny though ;-) and as a result I've put
myself in a position I was putting you in (2) (pfff english is difficult). 

Mikael, please don't stop writing the way you do because of me, my opinion
is not worth it, yours is, so please keep writing and doing your tests and
helping Ed enhance Vuescan, Nikon enhance Nikon stuff etc. Please don't let
me scare you off.

Art, I know the debate IS minor, but in the Netherlands we have a saying:
,Don't make an elephant out of a mosquito'. Apparently that's what I did
while I thought Mikael was doing it. I still do a little bit because he
seemed to assume things about Maris actions / intentions / efforts etc. and
judge on that, at least thats how it reads in my understanding of english.
Perhaps its my age (31) and I haven't built up enough years of social skills
and experiences to see into these cultural and linguistic differences. My
assumption was: Mikael is from the north (Sweden) and proud of it ('Lund,
Sweden' --> assumptions, assumptions, assumptions...), so when he sounded
angry he was a lot more angry than if he were from the Mediterranean, where
generally people behave more sanguinary.

BTW. My gut feeling still is that your comment could as well or even better
be directed to Mikael. Does that mean there is no hope for me anymore?? :-(



For the tired among you: I'll skip mailing on this subject for now, promise.
However, I cannot yet promise that I won't react when I get
(rightfully/wrongfully/based on mere assumptions) the impression that people
judge based on mere assumptions because its easy.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Arthur Entlich [SMTP:artistic@ampsc.com]
> Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 10:06 AM
> To:   filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
> Subject:      Re: filmscanners: VueScan + flat colors (that disappear with
> Mika
> Jerry,
> I think that the majority of any perceived acrimony that occurred in 
> these recent exchanges of ideas, is due to linguistic differences, as it 
> can be more difficult to both write in, and fully comprehend in a second 
> language.
> I think there is a very minor debate here, and not much else.  You might 
> be over-reacting to the interchange taking place.
> Art


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