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RE: filmscanners: LS-4000ED Dmax 4,2 or rather 2,3?

I just read in Popular Photography about a test on 7 filmscanners. The Nikon
LS-4000ED I believe was also mentioned there as having few shadow detail.
The SS120 had great shadow detail in that test.

Since nobody else on this list mentioned this test (an american magazine,
sent to Holland--> plenty of time for americans to read it) I assume its not
such a popular magazine among filmscanner people?

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> From: Tomasz Zakrzewski [SMTP:tomzakrz@ka.onet.pl]
> Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 12:38 PM
> To:   filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
> Subject:      filmscanners: LS-4000ED Dmax 4,2 or rather 2,3?
        [Oostrom, Jerry]  []
>  But I've just read a review od the 4000ED in German magazine "digit"
> ftp://ftp.lasersoft.com.pl/SFPrasa2001/Digit_3-2001.pdf which says, that
> the
> true Dmax of this scanner is 2,3! It was even worse than with Coolscan
> LS-2000 which had 2,6. What't this???
> It means no details in shadows. The reviewers say that this low Dmax is
> the
> consequence of the increase in resolution at the cost of the
> light-sensitive
> area of the sensor (whatever it means) which causes too low
> light-sensitivity.
        [Oostrom, Jerry]  [] 


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