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Re: filmscanners: Best film for scanning with FS 2710

"Joel Wilcox" <jdubikins@hotmail.com>  wrote:

>Are you certain that Elitechrome 200 is the consumer variant of E200? 

Yes.. I grabbed this from the Kodak site:


How is ELITE Chrome 200 different from the newly announced E200?

E200 is the professional version of Kodak's new 200 speed color slide films.
E200 is manufactured to the more exacting specifications required by
professional photographers. E200 also has a specification for push processing,
which allows it to be pushed to 3 stops. The consumer film is also designed to a
color balance position suitable for consumer storage and usage conditions.

>E200 does have really fine grain, somewhat at the expense of 
>resolution/sharpness (as compared to the ASA 100 films).
>Joel W.

I cant tell, is this called accutance? or are you saying that its not as sharp
as ASA100 slide films?.. in any case I use the film because it has exceptional
low reciprocity failure and very fine grain..excellent for the astrophotography
that I do. Here is the FAQ on Ektachrome E200 film:


Astropics http://home.att.net/~hermperez


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