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Re: filmscanners: Best film for scanning with FS 2710

>From: Herm <hermperez@worldnet.att.net>

[RE: Pro Ektachrome E200]

>Kodak also makes a consumer version of this film, called Elite Chrome 200. 
>also performs the same but I believe it reacts a bit different to +3 stop 
>(I'm not sure, perhaps a bit faster than ASA1000, slight color shift to 
>Kodak claims its the same film but not stored or aged for professional use. 
>use them interchangeably.
>Note that Ektachrome 200 is a pro film and should be stored in the fridge 
>best results.

Are you certain that Elitechrome 200 is the consumer variant of E200? I have 
tried both and they seemed to be different beyond the usual distinctions 
between consumer and pro films. IIRC Kodak uses the T-Max architecture in 
some way with the E200. I haven't heard of this with Elitechome 200. But I 
just don't know for sure.  I like Elitechrome 200 in a pinch, but I do like 
E200 quite a bit better.

E200 does have really fine grain, somewhat at the expense of 
resolution/sharpness (as compared to the ASA 100 films).

Joel W.
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