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Re: filmscanners: Best film for scanning with FS 2710

Arthur Entlich <artistic@ampsc.com>  wrote:

>OK, now I'm confused.  I thought taking ASA 200 film up three 'stops' 
>meant 200 to 400 to 800 to 1600 ISO/ASA. As I understood "stops" it was 
>an additional f-stop.  

I know its confusing, but this is what Kodak says on their web site..

>Since you use a lot of the pro version of this film, I have another 
>question.  My wife has tried the Elite Chrome 200 on several occasions. 
>  Each time she had it pushed (one push, shooting at 400 ASA) the 
>results were variations of red shadows ranging from mildly pink, to 
>downright ridiculous red Dmax.  

I really think its the same film, the slight variations that I have noticed on
occasion may be due to improperly stored film etc... I do expose at 320,640 and
1000 with good results.. you should just be aware that the dynamic range at
ASA1000 is very shallow.

>And, BTW, it does seem that shooting this film at ASA400 with one push 
>is not a good idea, as her images were all underexposed by close to one 
>stop in any shadow areas (almost like it wasn't pushed at all)...

She should try it with the meter set at 320, I have never tried it at 400 so
really cant say.. the other variable to consider is: was the film developed
properly?, sometimes I wonder with the lab I use.. and they have pissed me off
on a couple of occasions. Luckily you can still buy kits and develop the film at
home with better control.

Astropics http://home.att.net/~hermperez


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